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The tree is down, the colorful lights are stored away and the hustle and bustle of the holidays has quieted. You’re left with the wonderful memories of time spent with your dearest. Once life heads back into the regular routine, it’s easy to let the days slip away, until you suddenly realize months have passed without seeing or talking to the family and friends you enjoyed so much in December! Why wait until the holidays come around once more to get together? Here’s an idea :: start a new tradition to celebrate family, friends, wintertime and plain old fun with a Wintertime Family Funtime Day! Whether you live in the snowy north, or the balmy south, there are so many activities to be enjoyed, food to be shared, memories to be made + a great time to be had by all.

Start planning your fun day by deciding on your definition of “family.” Will you invite your closest relatives or an extended clan? How about friends? Tip :: this is a day to enjoy each other’s company, so keep the guest list small enough for intimate laughter and sharing, yet large enough to make outdoor sports interactive + enjoyable.

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Now comes the fun part :: deciding on your activities! Jennifer Chung, co-founder of parenting site Kinsights, offers tons of great ideas for those living in snowy areas, or close enough so that driving to the snow is an option.

Snow tubing: Check out a local snow-tubing park, or bring your own tubes to a nearby snowy hill for a day of downhill thrills.

Snowman building: Provide dress-up kits with hats, scarves, buttons, carrots, pipes and other typical snowman accoutrements, along with some more fanciful props such as jewelry, shoes, glasses, fans and clothing. Up the creativity by incorporating themes for the snowman dress code! Form teams if your group is large, or challenge individuals to make their best snowman, then hold a group vote on the winner with fun prizes for everyone.

Sledding: No need to worry if you don’t have slopes nearby. Let guests form “dog sled” teams, with one musher and a couple of speedy “dogs” to pull the sled. Hold races through a snow-covered field.

Snowball fight: Everyone can enjoy the pink-cheeked fun of an old-fashioned snowball fight {just don’t pack the snowballs to tightly!}.

Red Stamp Blog | Wintertime Family Funtime

If snow play is not an option for wintertime fun in your area, here are some ways to create treasured winter-esque memories!

Ice skating: Visit a local ice skating rink, and enjoy a spin around the ice.

S’mores + story time: There’s nothing like a s’more to bring out laughter, good stories and reminiscing. Head to a local park or beach and make use of their fire pits, or fire up your own backyard pit!

Cart racing: You can experience the thrill of sledding without the ice. Substitute children’s wagons for sleds, and designate one person to pull, one person to ride. Hold races, or create a course through a field or open play area.

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Send all the details to your guests with a fun invitation. When designing the invites, spell out the nature of the day. Let guests know what activities you have planned, how they should dress and what equipment they should bring. Be sure to include directions if you’re not meeting at a well-known spot.

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A cold day calls for warm food, so plan on providing big pots of hot chocolate and coffee, along with a few hearty entrees. Slow cookers filled with chili, soup or stew make serving easy, and stay warm for a long time even outside. The casual vibe of a winter fun day is also perfect for a potluck! Ask guests to bring desserts, snacks or additional drinks to enjoy in the great outdoors.

Remember to take plenty of pictures throughout the day and when the celebration is over, use a few of the best photos to create a thank you card, and send it to everyone who attended your Winter Fun Day. The photo card will last as a treasured reminder of a day filled with family, friends, fun and wintertime wonder!

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