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Savor the last bites of summer with this healthy, trendy treat. Because, let’s face it. Perhaps you’re popsicled out? Or you’re a lil’ bored of the s’more? Or your ice cream screams are no more? {Gasp!} Head on over to the kitchen + get ready for a twist on one of summer’s most delicious + nutritious.

Watermelon cake. Red, green and full of lycopene. It’s a winning combination of Paleo, gluten and guilt free decadence. We gathered our inspiration + how-to’s from Pinterest. So simple to create, and make your very own. We call that #FabulouslySocial win win!

Watermelon Cake | Red Stamp

A few tasty tidbits to consider ::

To pick out the perfect melon give it a little tap. If it sounds hollow, then it’s ripe and just right.
Elevate your whip cream. Add a splash of vanilla bean or coconut milk.
Don’t stop at the top. Adorn with nuts, berries, chocolate chips or coconut flakes.

Watermelon Cake | Red Stamp Watermelon Cake | Red Stamp Watermelon Cake | Red Stamp

Carve out some time for this one in a melon dessert. Bring to your next backyard BBQ and be ready for the Ooh’s and Ahh’s. You’ll pep up any potluck with this soon to be crowd favorite. Watermelon cake… Wow-worthy and wonderful all in one.

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