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What happens on summer vacation doesn’t have to stay on vacation! You catch our drift?

At Red Stamp the season is in full swing. Let us entice you to send photo cards while still soaking up all summer has to offer. You can make waves by customizing your cards and then send them straight away using the Red Stamp “mail for me” feature – no post office required! This feature is definitely travel mail gone modern.

Travel Mail Gone Modern | Red Stamp

Let’s face it, do you really want to take away time from your lovely Lobstah Boil to search souvenir shops for a generic, overpriced postcard? Do you really want to worry about where to buy stamps during your sumptuous spa service? Why leave the cobblestone streets with cool cafes and quirky art galleries to look for a mailbox?

Picture this. You’re poolside in Mexico and suddenly you remember your BFF’s birthday is a week away. Ay dios mio! You don’t have to scramble out of the sun to hunt for a card. Stay put. Savor that Rosé and simultaneously peruse dazzling designs. Sprinkle in your clever and witty message – upload a photo to really make a splash. Plug in her home address and it’ll be delivered to her door within days. No embarrassing belated wishes here.

Maybe you’re the *blushing* bride sitting next to your sweetie and sipping Chardonnay by the infinity pool. Take a selfie and let mom and dad know, “Arrived safely. Overflowing love and thanks for the wedding of our dreams. From, the new Mr. and Mrs.

Or you’re living it up on your European family adventure. Vowing this will be nothing like National Lampoon’s Vacation movie, you grin ‘n’ bear it for the group shot. Straight from the Seine. Say, “Fromage!” and share with your French teacher. Easiest A+ ever!

Once you’ve sent that first photo card home and that special someone discovers it in their mailbox, your days of schlepping through souvenir stores in a scramble will be a thing of the past. With little effort and the ease of a smartphone or laptop, you’re creating a ripple of excitement and anticipation.

Family and fab friends will demand, “Tell ME how to do this!” Imagine amidst the sea of bills, flyers and junk mail you can bring back the thrill of giving and receiving personalized cards – putting smiles on sun-kissed faces one *nifty* note at a time.

Travel Mail Gone Modern | Red Stamp

Let this be your unique way of letting loved ones know that no matter how far away we can still say:

I miss you,” or “Happy Birthday,” or “Thanks for the divine dinner party,” or “Wish you were here.

We know you’ll be hooked, because keeping in touch has never been so easy-peasy summertime breezy.

What stories and snapshots will YOU send back home? Who do you want to stay connected with this summer?

Jump on board and take the Red Stamp challenge. Swim against the tide. Use a photo card and elevate the art of sending home summertime lovin’ WRITE away!



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