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Carley Knobloch, digital lifestyle expert, shares her favorite apps to help plan your summer. Carley is a regular Today Show and CNN contributor and an HGTV host. Through her website, newsletter and her self-produced video show, Digitwirl, she helps people navigate the digital world. Carley resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two kids, springer spaniel, and myriad digital devices. Find her on Twitter at @carleyknobloch.

School’s out, popsicles are in and it’s definitely feeling a lot like summertime. And it happens every year— I crave those lazy days of summer, only to be reminded that the summer schedule is crazier than I remember. Between everyone’s unstructured schedules and still trying to get some work done, it can feel like the heat is on in more ways than one. Luckily, there are some great apps to help you keep your cool and schedule lots of family fun (read: pool parties!). Get the invitations going with Red Stamp, then switch to summer hours with these make-life-easier apps:

5 Great Apps To Help You Plan Your Summer {with Carley Knobloch!} | Red Stamp


BEAUTIFIED – Seasonally speaking, baring more skin means an increased need for grooming of all kinds. And when the kids are home more, it’s tougher to get away to get that deep conditioning or do that pedicure (which, trust me, needs to happen during beach season). Beautified is a handy app th at will let you book same-day hair, nails, even spa appointments. So when you get a spontaneous invitation to a beachside shindig, you can be there on the fly, looking fab.

REDROVER – I admit it: sometimes, the words, “What are we doing today?” strike fear into my heart. No school means I become the point person for entertainment which is a lot of pressure. RedRover makes it easy to find last-minute stuff to do. Log in to locate curated, family-friendly happenings in your city (RedRover isn’t everywhere yet, but it’s expanding fast). From bird walks to bead-stringing and even 3D printing, you’re no longer stumped by that oft-perplexing question.

ULTRAVIOLET UV INDEX  It used to be that the only thing that put a damper on a potential beach day was rain. Could we have ever imagined that too much sun would have kept us home as well? Thanks to a few more holes in the ozone layer, we’ve got to worry about sunburns as much as rainstorms. Ultraviolet is a beautifully simple UV index viewer that will show you what the UV rating is in your city, how much SPF you need, how often you need to reapply and will recommend that you stay out of the sun altogether if it’s just not worth the risk.

DROPBOX CAROUSEL – I take a lot of pictures and videos on my smartphone, but organizing them into albums? That just isn’t happening. Dropbox’s new Carousel app will chronologically organize every picture and video you’ve ever taken with your phone or uploaded to Dropbox, so an album is at your fingertips and privately shareable with friends at family via a single link. You can store as many photos as your Dropbox will hold {you can get more gigs by sharing links or by buying 100 GB for $99/year}. That means you can snap throughout summer…and relax while the app arranges everything.

BOXED – Warehouse stores are kind of a timesaver. Buying in bulk means fewer shopping trips, I get that. But what if you could have all your bulk staples delivered to your doorstep with free shipping and no membership fees? Bingo. Plus, Boxed offers the same big discounts you’d get at one of those other membership warehouse stores, so you can spend less time in the aisles, and more time in the isles. {See what I did there?}

As always, I’ll be having lots of backyard BBQs and pool parties on the weekends and I’ll be I’ll be using Red Stamp invites to spread the word. School will be in session before I know it, so we’re going to have as much summer fun as one family can.



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