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There is buzz about stationery. People coveting stationery. People sending stationery. People loving stationery.

Fabulous! Like the good Modern Day Social Secretary that we are, we wanted to pass along a few quick tips + tricks  about how you can be even more awesome with your Stationery.

stationery desk | red stamp

:: Highlight what you love about yourself! The new way to do stationery is to personalize the way you want to personalize. Have fun! Feature your twitter handle! Pay a compliment to your recipient! Who doesn’t love a little Awesomesauce in their life? Did you launch that business you’ve been dreaming about forever? Brand it!

:: Order in small batches to keep it fresh!
 From 1 to 100 and everything in between. {Yes, even 27.} Or order one-off in real time – we will print, post + mail for you – and keep it UBER fresh.

:: Don’t break the bank!
 We want you to have fun with this. Which is why we price our cards so that you can. From postcards {$0.99 to $1.99} to luxe cards in rich envelopes {$0.99 to $2.99} available in ANY quantity.

:: Order it send-ready!
 Skip the line at the post office + let us add the postage stamp for you. Also, we will print your return and/or recipient’s address right on the back flap so you don’t have to. {No service charges here!}

stationery desk overview | red stamp

Thoughts? More questions? Need help getting started? We thought you’d never ask. Leave a comment below and we’ll get right back to you.



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