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St. Patrick’s Day is one of those festive holidays that begs for spirit + celebration. Not Irish? Green’s not exactly your color? No problem. We’ve got a pinch-proof recipe that you’re going eat {err… sip?} right up! That’s right. Our St. Patrick’s Day mint shake, the Minty Cookie Crumble.

Inspired by the ever-so-popular Shamrock Shake, but better… because there are cookies. And EVERYTHING is better with cookies. Can we get a sláinte?!

St. Patrick’s Day Mint Cookie Shake | Red Stamp St. Patrick’s Day Mint Cookie Shake | Red Stamp

{makes 1 serving}

1 cup milk
2 cups peppermint bon bon ice cream
½ cup crumbled Mint Milano® Cookies

Using a blender, blend milk + ice cream together until smooth. Add mixture to Irish coffee mug, layering crumbled cookies every ½ cup or so. Garnish with remaining crumbled cookies + serve immediately.

St. Patrick’s Day Mint Cookie Shake | Red Stamp

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