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SMASH cakes are all the rage these days. While we are pretty sure the popularity is rooted in adults wishing they could dive face first into a birthday cake and eat as much as their heart desires – no manners required! – the bottom line is that just-turned one year olds have been diving into this tradition for ages.

Are you familiar with this phenomenon? Just take a look at #smashcake on Instagram. We think it’s SMASH-ing. Babes getting their very own cake to destroy? The cuteness. The innocence. It’s almost unbearable. But, what a way to celebrate the big #1!

Smash Birthday | Red Stamp

Thinking about throwing a smash birthday party for your little one? Here’s what you need to pull it off to perfection.


Birthday party invitations
Birthday banner :: make it linen + make it a tradition!
“Smash” cake topper
• Two cakes :: one for adults + one for the babe and … don’t forget the *personalized* napkins!

Above all, capture the moment and use that *priceless* snap for thank you photo cards for each of your guests!

Smash Birthday | Red Stamp Smash Birthday | Red Stamp Smash Birthday | Red Stamp




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