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As a parent, time with your kiddos is the greatest gift. There is something about making memories that drives us to be purposeful + present. But, as we all know, life gets busy, tasks pile up and quality time with our little ones can easily be lost. So, get back into gear, pick a date on your calendar and plan a summertime activity for you and your family {and stick to it!}

We planned a fun-filled afternoon in anticipation of Father’s Day. The craft? A treasure box. The activity? A city or nature scavenger hunt to do together. The result? A gift my little makers couldn’t wait to give their personal superman, Dad. Memories made? You betcha.

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Craft| Red Stamp

Looking for a fun activity for a birthday party or to fill a summer afternoon? Why not throw a secret garden crafting party?! The kids will love the grass in their toes + sipping on lemonade as the sun kisses their cheeks.


Raw wooden jewelry boxes
Sketch paper
Small mosaic tiles
Plastic letters
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Different shaped sponges
Mod Podge
A special photo

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Craft| Red Stamp

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Craft| Red Stamp

Scavenger Hunt Treasure Box Steps ::

1. Because we were making these treasure boxes for dad, the first step was coloring a special note and/or picture that focused the craft. This gave us time to talk about dad’s favorite colors, practice spelling + color their favorite memories. After completed, the individual words and pictures were cut out to later Mod Podge in the interior of the box.

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Craft| Red Stamp

2. Dad’s fave colors were sponged onto the exterior of the box with paint. This was a gearshift as most kiddos are used to creating something for themselves with their favorite colors. Lively discussion arose as these little makers passionately talked about what colors their dad loved.

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Craft| Red Stamp

3. As the paint dried, we took a break for a delicious little picnic. 🙂

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Craft| Red Stamp

4. Once the paint was dry, time to decorate the box! We attached mosaic tiles and spelled out sweet sentiments with the glued on letters.

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Craft| Red Stamp

5. Once everything dried, we turned our attention inside the box. A layer of Mod Podge was applied to the top and bottom of the box. Then, the picture + drawings were set inside. Once placed, a second layer of Mod Podge was applied directly over the drawings and pictures, creating a protective layer.

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Craft| Red Stamp

Little Makers Father's Day | Red Stamp

6. You’re ready to go! Now print a couple of our *free* nature or city scavenger hunt, wrap them up with the finished treasure box, and let your little maker proudly give it to their favorite guy! Get ready for some special QT that parents + kids of all ages will enjoy.

Free City + Nature Scavenger Hunt Printables | Red Stamp

7. Save this treasure box full of discovery and watch as each of its contents draws a beautiful memory of a sunny afternoon where time took a break.

Father's Day Scavenger Hunt Craft | Red Stamp

After all of the scavenger hunt fun is over, use one of those pics you snapped + let your little maker write a sweet message to Dad to commemorate!

Father's Day Photo Card| Red Stamp



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