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Milestone: (n) a significant event or stage in one’s life.

Milestone Birthday Party | Red Stamp

The *big* birthdays, or more appropriately named, *milestone* birthdays are, in my estimation, the ultimate reason to go all out for a friend or family member. With each decade, we see significant changes + challenges. Memories of things we have done {or not done yet} are etched in our minds with the passing time as we strive to become the person we want to be. Our friendships become stronger + richer. Along with family, our friendships are what make life’s pleasures more enjoyable and life trials tolerable.

Milestone Birthday Party | Red Stamp

There are some of us who would prefer to curl up, hide and act as though our birthday was “just another day” + there are those of us who want to announce it to everyone we pass for our entire “birthday week.” I am admittedly among the latter. I *love* my birthday! The calls, texts, emails, Facebook notes, etc. It makes me feel remembered, loved, significant…and of course, a little older. A small price to pay 🙂

Milestone Birthday Party | Red Stamp Milestone Birthday Party | Red Stamp

When planning to host an upcoming milestone birthday party for a dear friend, I began the process by really thinking about her. What she loves, what she *dreams* about doing or being. It was simple really. Silly things she says or bits + pieces of her fabulous personality that really shine. Then, it came to me. She loves to be the center of attention {and usually is}! She has an aura about her that says “I am *queen*!” Not in a stuffy, uptight way, but in an endearing sort of way. Everyone loves her for it!

So that was it. The theme would be *Queen for the Day*. Easy Peasy.

Make it unique. Make it memorable. Make it your own.

Invitations + Thank You Cards:

Milestone Birthday Party | Red Stamp

Send invites out as soon as possible to make sure your besties can make it. Then use the invite as a basis for the theme, color and décor of your party. Red Stamp has all sorts of coordinating designs to help you say thank you!


Milestone Birthday Party | Red Stamp Milestone Birthday Party | Red Stamp

For me, this is the fun part. Tying it all together like a *shiny* package!

Milestone Birthday Party | Red Stamp

1. Hand cut garland. It’s simple to make + creates an instant party atmosphere. I used different size punches for the circular garlands and attached them to a silver string with Zots. They look as though they are floating about the room. So fun!

2. The place cards are multi-purpose. They can be used to show seating arrangements + then once you’re guests are seated, tied around wine glasses as a tag. And finally, guests can take them home and hang on the fridge or in their workspace to remember the fun that was had.

3. Simple gold glittered triangle-cut flags spruce-up cupcakes for a simple, yummy dessert.

4. The monogrammed linens are the *crowning glory* of this table top setting. Made by running fabric through your own printer. {DIY coming soon!}

5. The fabric banner also makes a memorable party decoration. This too is made by running fabric through your printer. {DIY coming soon!}


So, there you have it. A personalized, fabulous birthday party for the guest of honor. Simple. Memorable. Fun. Be sure to check back tomorrow for details on the DIY printable linens!



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