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I have a friend who writes the most memorable, funny notes. Thank you’s, sympathy notes, birthday jokes :: he even included a series of smart handwritten notes he exchanged with his boss when applying to business school. Now he is a C level employee at a Fortune 500 company. At the ripe old age of 38. Coincidence? I think not.

Society celebrates articulate and thoughtful men. And so should we. Whether celebrating a birthday, a new job, retirement, Father’s Day or any day in between, a gift of stationery means so much more.

1 Card, 5 Ways :: The Manly Edition – smart gift alert! Send him 10 notes with return address + stamps for under $25, including shipping!

Men's Stationery | Red Stamp





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2 Responses to “1 Card, 5 Ways :: The Manly Edition”

  1. alison mclean

    I can’t figure out how to order the “manly edition” as a gift. Can you please let me now? Wanted to give s gift for Father’s Day.


    Alison McLean

    • Samantha Holte, Red Stamp Team

      Hi Alison – How thoughtful! We *love* stationery as a gift. Our support team can definitely help you out with this question. Please reach out to + one of our team members will happily assist 🙂

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