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Food is as fun as you make it, right?! And when kids can see a little *whimsy* in their food, life is easier…for everyone. Eating lunch is all of a sudden becomes an adventure. A whimsical element was top of mind when planning the menu for our sweet crafternoon. I wanted the food to be healthy, but also festive, so I whipped up these cute, kid-approved treats!

Kid's Easter Treats | Red Stamp Carrot Tangerine Smoothie_Recipe Card

{serves 4}

2 cups carrot juice
4 tangerines {or oranges}
1 cup full fat greek yogurt
2 Tbsp. honey
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 Tsp. vanilla extract

Blend all ingredients until smooth.

Tip :: To ensure all cups are empty + tummies satisfied, strain the smoothie before pouring. The tangerines/oranges can create more pulp than the kiddos might enjoy.

Kid's Easter Treats | Red Stamp Kid's Easter Treats | Red Stamp

Imagine your kiddo’s *delight* when he opens his lunch box to find his favorite sandwich made into the shape of an egg + chick. Ramp up the healthiness of the treat + hide veggie{s} in between the bread slices. We went with organic spinach and avocado.

Kid's Easter Treats | Red Stamp

{serves 1}

Whole wheat bread
Avocado {smashed}
Meat {we used turkey}
Cheddar or marble cheese
Mayo {or soft cheese}

Egg cookie cutter
Chick cookie cutter
Bunny cookie cutter

Assemble the sandwich per usual, spreading avocado on one slice + mayo or soft cheese on the other and placing the rest of the contents in the middle. After the sandwich is assembled, use the egg cookie cutter to carve out your cute egg-y shape.

Cut apple in half and cut the half it to thin round slices {so you have the whole circumference of the apple} Cut rabbit shape into the apple circle and pop a blueberry on top for the eyeball. Yummy + funny.

Once you have your egg cookie cutter sandwich, take the top piece of bread and cut the top off {to make it look like a broken egg.} With the chick cookie cutter, carve out your chick shapes into the cheese. Place the chick shaped cheeses between the two slices of egg shape bread. Violá!

Kid's Easter Treats | Red Stamp Kid's Easter Treats | Red Stamp



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