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New Year optimism. It’s awesome + contagious. Our guess is you are up to your eyeballs in various blogs and posts around how to be more intentional + kinder + healthier. {Sounds lovely, too!}

But, what’s our 2015 New Year resolution? It’s simple. To plan a little more spontaneity in our lives. So we can stress less as we celebrate more.

Plan spontaneity? {Huh?} Well, sure! We refer to this as our *have it on hand* philosophy. If you have the tools on hand, you can pull of everything from a birthday to a dinner party with a moment’s notice.

So, if that sounds as good to you as it does to us, here are our top 5 picks to prep for partying.

1. Design an annual birthday card. Pick a design, any design, and make it your signature birthday card you can give out all year long. Craft a headline like “Happy Happy!”+ a greeting. Never worry again about sending the same card. Or having a card to hand out to your friends or family’s friends.

Have it on Hand | Red Stamp

2. Order 10 or so Thinking of You cards in a neutral color that will work for everything from support to sympathy to congratulations, depending on your wording.

Have it on Hand | Red Stamp

3. Our linen bags are perfect to wrap up gift cards. From Starbucks to Target to your local fave, order a variety of $5 – $25 gift cards to keep in a desk drawer. You will be amazed at how these little numbers come in handy to thank or wish kind gestures that come your way throughout the year.

Have it on Hand | Red Stamp

4. Hearts + bellies be full with delicious recipes and gorgeous recipe cards. It’s not only about hosts with the most…be the guest with the gust-o who gift clever and yummy recipes as a thank you to all who invite you into their home.

Have it on Hand | Red Stamp

5. From “thank you” to “we invite you,” a bright design personalized with handwritten, cheery sentiment can be tailored with welcoming words of your choosing to commemorate and/or celebrate. Making spirits bright all year long.

Have it on Hand | Red Stamp

Simple, simple!

Oh – and before you go…one final tip. Have us print your return address + add postage to 2-3 of the 5 card types above, so you always have an envelope ready to sign + send on the go.

Prepare for the unexpected. And revel in spontaneity!

We wish you the very best year ever.

Red Stamp

p.s. Looking for a little more planning? Don’t forget to check out our monthly calendars and/or our 2015 Year at a Glance calendars! We’ve got you covered there, too.



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