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Coffee with a colleague is hands down one of our favorite ways to start the day. Equally as exciting? Happy hours and lunches. Brainstorming new business ideas, making new connections, sharing old contacts…it’s how business gets done. And a strong follow-up is always in order.

Introducing our new Networking Collection. Honed by years of great meet-ups + awesome partnerships.


5 Tips for Great Networking Notes | Red StampMAKE IT PERSONAL, BE PROFESSIONAL :: Just because it’s business doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. 😉 We love adding personal flair, but it’s best to think about your recipient first and let their personality drive the tone. Are they casual? Formal? Traditional? Modern? If you put your recipient first, you won’t go wrong.

HAVE A PURPOSE :: As to what to say, keep it short + sweet. Revisit what prompted the note. For example :: I was very appreciative of your expertise/time/etc. Relive a highlighted part of the exchange. Such as :: Because of your expertise/time/etc., we did THIS amazing thing. Reveal what comes next. Wrap up your note with how you will get in touch or your plans for moving forward. For instance: Next time, coffee is on me – or – I look forward to following up with {this amazing deliverable}.

BIG DEAL? THINK DIGITAL AND PAPER :: In this day and age, waiting a day or two for snail mail might mean you {and your idea} miss the boat. Everyone feels special when receiving immediate feedback, so fire off a quick thanks by text/email and then really separate yourself from the pack with a coordinated, more thoughtful, paper note. Make sure you introduce a new idea or element in note #2.

5 Tips for Great Networking Notes | Red StampREAD IT, THEN READ IT AGAIN :: Nothing turns people off more than misspelling their name, business or key business fact. Attention to detail when you are trying to get their attention is a must. Make sure to read + then re-read your note. Oftentimes, reading out loud can catch a spelling error that would be missed in a silent pass-through.

EVERYBODY HAS A BIRTHDAY :: You don’t have to wait until you see someone to reach out, be proactive by making them feel appreciated on a day that means something. Birthdays, quirky holidays {ahem, St. Patrick’s Day} are great apertures for networking.



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