5 Ways to Say Happy Birthday | Red Stamp

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Birthdays just got happier. Did you know summer is the top season for births? August wins the title as *the* BIG birthday month. There’ll be no birthday blues once you choose a cool card. Then, never fear – writer’s block stay clear. Here are just a few witty ways to say happy birthday + write your way into… Read more »

Thank You With Kids | Red Stamp

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Carley Knobloch, digital lifestyle expert, shares her tips on writing thank you notes with kids. Carley is a regular Today Show and CNN contributor and an HGTV host. Through her website, newsletter and her self-produced video show, Digitwirl, she helps people navigate the digital world. Carley resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two kids, springer spaniel, and… Read more »

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Saying thank you. It’s a hot topic any time of year, but particularly around celebrations. Birthdays and births. Christmas and Hanukkah. Weddings. Baptisms and bar/bat mitzvahs. The list goes on, which is why it’s safe to say that thank you notes have stressed many a human out. {Present company included!} What to say, how to… Read more »