Travel Destinations + Packing Tips | Red Stamp

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This whole #PolarVortex thing has taken a toll on the morales of everyone we know. From Atlanta to Chicago, from New York to North Dakota, we’re all experiencing a little too much winter wonderland {unless you’re from the west Coast, in which case we have one question: How soon can we visit?}. We’ve found that… Read more »

Valentine's Card | Red Stamp

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Ode to Love by Red Stamp Roses are red. Violets are blue. Today {+ every day}, we are crazy for you. There is something quite lovely about those we hold dear. Espousing a heartfelt “thank you”, a “love you” and even a “hey sweetie, can I buy you a beer?” But let’s not stop at… Read more »

Love | Red Stamp

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As a child, whenever I was queried with the “What’s your favorite holiday?,” I responded atypically, claiming that the best celebration of the year happened on Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t that I was a young romantic, fawning over the idea of secret admirers and candy-hearted declarations of affection. No, it was much more elementary than… Read more »

Free February Calendars + 28 Acts of Love | Red Stamp

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Our *free* digital calendars for February are here, and we’re loading them up with love! Because, around these parts, we love love. We’re suckers for romantic songs and classic Nora Ephron love stories, cute cards, and all things red + heart-covered. Download for iPhone 5 > Download for Android > Download for iPad > Download… Read more »

Chinese New Year | Red Stamp

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If you’re like me, you missed out on planning your own 2013 holiday gathering {everyone else in my life had it covered!}. At the time, I was grateful that other people were cleaning their houses and dusting off their serving dishes. But now that 2014 has arrived, I wish I had hosted a get-together of… Read more »