The Dark + Lovely History of Valentine’s Day

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Love | Red Stamp

As a child, whenever I was queried with the “What’s your favorite holiday?,” I responded atypically, claiming that the best celebration of the year happened on Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t that I was a young romantic, fawning over the idea of secret admirers and candy-hearted declarations of affection. No, it was much more elementary than… Read more »

Thanksgiving traditions keep me grounded

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It may be that the best part of any holiday is the traditions, be they big or small. In all the craziness of the fall-to-winter holiday season (hello October through December parties, treats, shopping + pumpkin-spice lattes), it’s traditions with loved ones that help keep me grounded. One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is the… Read more »

You Had Me at “Hello”

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Some days call for an out-of-the-blue “hello” to let someone know you are thinking of them. One of my best friends recently moved back to Minneapolis after a two-year, grad-school-related stint in Chicago. She hit me up out of the blue, looking for the best winches under $400 and asking if my boyfriend (who’s a… Read more »