Spiced Pecan Waffle S’more

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Spiced Pecan Waffle S'more | Red Stamp

Fall can be such a #FabulouslySocial season. So celebrate its glory, get outside, gather the neighbors & roast some ‘mallows. Yes, you heard us right. Marsh-mallows. While we love the traditional graham cracker-meets chocolate square-meets marshmallow combination, how about a little gourmet twist to really please that oh-so-grown-up palette of yours? This petite spiced pecan… Read more »

Blueberry Balsamic & Thyme Toast

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Fancy Toast: Blueberry, Balsamic & Thyme Toast | Red Stamp

Anyone else super jazzed about the gourmet, or as we like to say – *fancy*, toast movement? We love the idea of zhuzhing up a simple breakfast into something fabulous. Think of toast as your canvas. And think of your fave ingredients, both sweet AND savory, as adornments. We made blueberry balsamic & thyme toast with… Read more »

Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Angel Food Cakes

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Mini Strawberry Rhubarb Angel Food Cakes | Red Stamp

Satisfy your sweet tooth with light & fluffy mini strawberry rhubarb angel food cakes. These oh-so-endearing minis are shortcake inspired with their strawberry rhubarb topping. The addition of mint leaves and freshly made vanilla bean whipped cream perfectly compliment the sweet & tangy sauce. This classic-cake-gone-modern certainly won’t disappoint. Stack ‘em high or plate ‘em… Read more »

Sangria Bar Tips & Tricks

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Sangria Bar Tips & Sangria Bar Tips & Tricks: blueberry pomegranate red, rhubarb orange rosé and garden fresh white | Red Stamp | Red Stamp

Sangria is *always* a hit, so why not take this essential bevy’s presentation up a notch for your next soiree? A swanky station is the perfect fun & festive touch at a wedding, unique element to your traditional backyard BBQ and more. Check these sangria bar tips & tricks below to help achieve a pin-worthy… Read more »

Beet Orange and Avocado Salsa

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Beet Orange and Avocado Salsa: with orange pita chips | Red Stamp

A go-to salsa is hard to come by. This one’s too mild. That one’s too sweet. You feel us, right? But, we’re pretty sure we struck salsa *gold* with this beet orange and avocado salsa recipe. It’s one part delicious and one part nutritious. Packed with all the good stuff, there’s no guilt here. Perfect… Read more »

Garden Fresh White Sangria

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Garden Fresh White Sangria | Red Stamp

Looking for something to make with summer’s best produce? Might we suggest… a garden fresh white sangria? With its sweet and spicy flavor, this recipe encapsulates all the best parts of summer! Invite over your fave neighbors or besties, whip up some *delish* herb hummus stuffed tomatoes + relish in it all. Trust us, the fruit of… Read more »

Herb Hummus Stuffed Tomatoes

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Herb Hummus Stuffed Tomatoes | Red Stamp

It’s that time of year. Summer’s finest produce is at its greatest. Yep. We’re talkin’ about tomatoes. Deeeelish. Mix it up and make ‘em your own by stuffing them plump full of herbs + vegetables. This herb hummus stuffed tomatoes recipe is truly a perfect last-minute snack or app for when your neighbors drop by… Read more »

Movie Night Menu

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Movie Night Menu | Red Stamp

Movie night. Celebrate solo or with many. Rain or shine. It’s the most fool-proof event we can think of. Rain in the forecast? Fluff up the couch cushions. Nothing but sunshine ahead? Hang up a sheet + project the night’s film under a *starry* sky. Whichever Mother Nature has in store for you, delight your… Read more »

Gluten Free Almond Key Lime Bars

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Gluten Free Almond Key Lime Bar Recipe | Red Stamp

These days, gluten free doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. So, put your memories of dry, heavy, crumbly baked goods behind you, because these gluten free almond key lime bars are anything but. Perfect for BBQs, patio nights, your annual family reunion + whatever else your cal holds!   GLUTEN FREE ALMOND KEY LIME… Read more »

Snacks To Pack

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Snacks to Pack | Red Stamp

We are all guilty of rushing out the door breakfast-less, lunch-less and even snack-less from time to time. Why do we do it? Sure, we could say it’s because we woke up late or simply don’t have enough hours in the day, but ever wonder if it’s because we’re tired of our same old, same… Read more »