Clothing Swap!

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clothing swap | red stamp

Last fall, I was researching a fashion article and I stumbled across the idea of a Ten-Item Wardrobe. Inspired by the simple, chic style of French women, the idea is to pare down your wardrobe to a core set of high-quality garments that can mix and match with every other item. This causes you to think… Read more »

February’s *free* Digi Calendars + 28 Acts of Love

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Free February Calendars + 28 Acts of Love | Red Stamp

Our *free* digital calendars for February are here, and we’re loading them up with love! Because, around these parts, we love love. We’re suckers for romantic songs and classic Nora Ephron love stories, cute cards, and all things red + heart-covered. Download for iPhone 5 > Download for Android > Download for iPad > Download… Read more »

Hot Cocoa Bar + Sledding Party

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There’s something magical about freshly fallen snow. The world gets quiet and still, like everything has stopped but the swirling of the flakes. It leaves me in awe of the beauty around me. It makes me pause and give thanks. It makes me be still too. I first discovered this magic in fifth grade, on… Read more »

St. Nicholas Day Surprise!

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Ready for a wonderful Christmas surprise? December 6th is St. Nicholas Day! Though this tradition is not as widely practiced in America, it is such a sweet way to spread holiday cheer, add some surprises to an ordinary day, and let the magic of the season last a bit longer. The lore of St. Nicholas… Read more »

A kind word, a warm heart

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Here at Red Stamp, we believe that with a bit of empathy and awareness are small acts of kindness can have a significant, rippling impact. Receiving kindness also spurs us on to give that kindness back to others. It softens us, makes us more aware of what others are going through and more motivated to… Read more »