Herb Hummus Stuffed Tomatoes | Red Stamp

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It’s that time of year. Summer’s finest produce is at its greatest. Yep. We’re talkin’ about tomatoes. Deeeelish. Mix it up and make ‘em your own by stuffing them plump full of herbs + vegetables. This herb hummus stuffed tomatoes recipe is truly a perfect last-minute snack or app for when your neighbors drop by… Read more »

Movie Night Menu | Red Stamp

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Movie night. Celebrate solo or with many. Rain or shine. It’s the most fool-proof event we can think of. Rain in the forecast? Fluff up the couch cushions. Nothing but sunshine ahead? Hang up a sheet + project the night’s film under a *starry* sky. Whichever Mother Nature has in store for you, delight your… Read more »

Farmers Market 101 | Red Stamp

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Filling up your calendar with new ways to explore your own city this summer? Why not try your local farmers market! Trust us, it’s a charming + refreshing way to spend the day and you will fall in love with your city + its people all over again. Before you head out the door, straw basket in hand, take a peek… Read more »

Thank You With Kids | Red Stamp

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Carley Knobloch, digital lifestyle expert, shares her tips on writing thank you notes with kids. Carley is a regular Today Show and CNN contributor and an HGTV host. Through her website, newsletter and her self-produced video show, Digitwirl, she helps people navigate the digital world. Carley resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two kids, springer spaniel, and… Read more »

Gluten Free Almond Key Lime Bar Recipe | Red Stamp

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These days, gluten free doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste. So, put your memories of dry, heavy, crumbly baked goods behind you, because these gluten free almond key lime bars are anything but. Perfect for BBQs, patio nights, your annual family reunion + whatever else your cal holds!   GLUTEN FREE ALMOND KEY LIME… Read more »

Travel Cards "Travel Mail Gone Modern" | Red Stamp

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What happens on summer vacation doesn’t have to stay on vacation! You catch our drift? At Red Stamp the season is in full swing. Let us entice you to send photo cards while still soaking up all summer has to offer. You can make waves by customizing your cards and then send them straight away… Read more »

Snacks to Pack | Red Stamp

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We are all guilty of rushing out the door breakfast-less, lunch-less and even snack-less from time to time. Why do we do it? Sure, we could say it’s because we woke up late or simply don’t have enough hours in the day, but ever wonder if it’s because we’re tired of our same old, same… Read more »

Blackberry Watermelon Mojito | Red Stamp

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Saturday morning, pop by the farmer’s market for the freshest of fruits + a mint plant {or two!} – we’ve got the summer drink for you! Use this blackberry watermelon mojito recipe to impress your out-of-town guests as they arrive at your door and delight your dinner guests as they stay. This simple blend tastes like… Read more »

July's Free Digital and Printable Calendars | Red Stamp

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Adventure! You can just taste it. At Red Stamp, we are inspired by it. And July’s calendars are fueled by it. Whether you are scootering down the street to a new restaurant {staycation!} or jetting to a familiar shore to your cabin/cottage/beach house {vacation!} summer is the perfect time to mix it up + be… Read more »