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If there’s something we’re especially found of, it’s *brunch*. Relaxed, warm conversations swirl as the mimosas flow. Fresh fruit alongside these *delicious*, stacked brochette bites makes for the perfect menu. Be sure to have a few extra, your guests will surely be lining up for seconds! ASPARAGUS POACHED EGG CROSTINI {makes 8 crostinis} 1 bunch… Read more »


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Hippity hoppity. It’s spring! Windows are open, birdies are chirping and fresh cut florals grace the kitchen table. It’s certainly feeling fresh up in here. Planning an egg hunt or garden party to celebrate? Pair this delicious cake with simple sandwich bites, sparkling anything + you’ve got yourself a delightfully scrumptious lineup. PEAR CARROT CAKE 2… Read more »

Travel Destinations + Packing Tips | Red Stamp

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This whole #PolarVortex thing has taken a toll on the morales of everyone we know. From Atlanta to Chicago, from New York to North Dakota, we’re all experiencing a little too much winter wonderland {unless you’re from the west Coast, in which case we have one question: How soon can we visit?}. We’ve found that… Read more »

stationery | red stamp

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There is buzz about stationery. People coveting stationery. People sending stationery. People loving stationery. Fabulous! Like the good Modern Day Social Secretary that we are, we wanted to pass along a few quick tips + tricks  about how you can be even more awesome with your Stationery. :: Highlight what you love about yourself! The new way to… Read more »

Milestone Birthday Party | Red Stamp

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Milestone: (n) a significant event or stage in one’s life. The *big* birthdays, or more appropriately named, *milestone* birthdays are, in my estimation, the ultimate reason to go all out for a friend or family member. With each decade, we see significant changes + challenges. Memories of things we have done {or not done yet}… Read more »