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There’s something magical about freshly fallen snow. The world gets quiet and still, like everything has stopped but the swirling of the flakes. It leaves me in awe of the beauty around me. It makes me pause and give thanks. It makes me be still too. I first discovered this magic in fifth grade, on… Read more »

Kids crafts play dough |

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Many hands may make light work, but little hands make fun messy work. It’s a special thing to give a child responsibility and watch them rise beautifully to the occasion. If you let them, they will surprise you! This one has all sorts of educational fun mixed in…measuring, counting, pouring, color mixing. A great little project, that… Read more »

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Saying thank you. It’s a hot topic any time of year, but particularly around celebrations. Birthdays and births. Christmas and Hanukkah. Weddings. Baptisms and bar/bat mitzvahs. The list goes on, which is why it’s safe to say that thank you notes have stressed many a human out. {Present company included!} What to say, how to… Read more »